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New updates and improvements to Zealy

May 13, 2024

Token task

Token task

Verify automatically that a user has a specific amount of a certain token in their wallet. This is useful for airdrops, giveaways, or any other scenario where you want to reward users based on their token holdings. To configure, use the token task, select a network, choose a token from the list or enter the token's contract address, and specify the minimum amount of tokens the user should have. Users will be prompted to connect their wallet to claim the quest, and we will verify if they hold the required amount of tokens.

NFT task

Similar to the token task, with the NFT task, you can automatically verify if the user owns an NFT of your choice. Use this to control access to other quests or perks based on the user's NFT holdings or target other collection's holders. Configure it in the same way as the token task, but instead of a token, you'll enter the address of the NFT and the minimum amount of NFTs the user should have.

NFT task

Changes to wallet management

To verify on-chain interactions on more chains, we need to ensure that you own the address you're using. This prevents any dishonest actions, such as claiming to hold something you don't. We're making some changes to how you manage your wallet on our platform to make it easier for you. Here's what's happening: 💅 Easier Setup: No more manual input of blockchain addresses in your settings. Now, you'll find your wallet options under Settings > Linked accounts > Wallet section. If your community supports Ethereum, Polygon, Base, Arbitrum, Optimism, or Solana, connecting your wallet is simple. If not, don't worry, you can still input your address. 👯‍♀️ No duplicates: Any blockchain addresses of the chains listed above that you manually added before will be removed. You'll be prompted to connect your wallet instead.

Other fixes & improvements

  • Search templates by name
  • Fixes inbox timestamps not updating
  • Fixes issue with wallet connection on mobile

Apr 15, 2024

Partnership task

Partnership task

Our brand new partnership task allows you to verify if a user has joined another Zealy community with ease. This task is ideal for cross-promotion and collaborations between communities. To use it, simply select 'Partnership' when creating a new task and enter the URL of the community you wish to partner with.

Sprint Update

Our most recent sprint updates make running smooth sprints more straightforward than ever. We provide tools to help you identify whether quests included in the sprint have been claimed, and we offer the option to duplicate them if necessary.

Other Fixes & Improvements

  • Enhanced stability for Twitter task verification
  • Fixes an issue where the "join date" column was missing in the CRM
  • Adds information about the "unlisted" mark to the pricing page and FAQ

Apr 5, 2024

Raffle & FCFS reward methods

Raffle & FCFS reward methods

Ever felt like rewarding your community was a bit too...predictable? Well, we've got some exciting news that's bound to shake things up! Introducing our game-changing reward methods: First Come, First Served (FCFS) and Raffle.

With FCFS, create a buzz of anticipation as members race to claim their rewards, fostering a lively and competitive spirit. And for those who love a bit of mystery, our Raffle option adds an element of surprise, making every reward feel like a special event.

To get started, replace the replace the default 'all' reward method on your quest reward with either FCFS or Raffle. Select how many rewards you want to give out, and let the games begin! Once the raffle is decided, winners will be notified in their inbox and admins can inspect from the quest's result panel.

Reward methods

Certified only

Only certified communities now appear on Zealy's homepage and in the search ✅

As always: DYOR! We do our best to identify scams, but we are not a KYC company. 👀

We're not liable for losses due to your contributions. ❌

To get certified, upgrade your plan. Our team will certify your community within 5 days.

Enforced email connection

Keeping our communities safe is a top priority at Zealy. We're ramping up on how we do that with a meaningful update that will have a positive impact on the overall security of our platform.

Starting today, we kindly request all users to link their email addresses to their Zealy accounts.

📨 All existing users will be notified to connect their e-mail, if they haven't yet.

This initiative will help us prevent fraudulent incidences, such as multiple account creation and cheating. Let's ensure that Zealy is safe together. ✨

Other fixes & improvements

  • Automatically flagging suspicious activity and temporarily restricting claiming quests
  • Instantly updates the questboard for user when reviewing via the API
  • Fixes missing reviewer ID in export CSV
  • Fixes duplicate entries in export if user has multiple emails connected
  • Prevents 0 XP claims from affecting leaderboard

Mar 6, 2024

Zealy Full-Screen Mode

Zealy Full-Screen Mode

Try out our new full-screen view by switching in the top right corner. Now, see all the quests in a module at once.

Efficient Module Filters

Use our new filters at the top of the page to quickly access a specific module.

Stunning New Themes

We've spiced up the default look for all communities. If you haven't personalized yours yet, check out the new sleek design.

Speedy Navigation

Jump between quests with ease. Our new keyboard shortcuts save you time and effort.

  1. Filter quests by 'open'.
  2. Glide through quests and modules with the arrow keys.
  3. Claim quest with CMD+enter.

Other fixes & improvements

  • Updated the API documentation and added new endpoints
  • Displaying number of views necessary to claim a TikTok quest

Mar 1, 2024

Introducing Our Enhanced CRM

Introducing Our Enhanced CRM

Discover the future of community relationships with our latest CRM update. Engage with your community like never before—effortlessly email select members and implement user bans directly. Experience our refined member filtering interface, designed for precision targeting.

Other fixes & improvements

  • Seamless email updates without disconnection
  • Streamlined community launch process
  • Ready-to-publish templates
  • Resolution for translation-related user creation crashes
  • Duplicated review management with alerts
  • Clear display of API-related errors to users
  • Corrected invite acceptance when claiming quests straight
  • Always show the review context in the beginning of session
  • Remove whitespace in beginning or end of URLs inputs on quests
  • Dynamic text area expansion for extensive quest input

Feb 23, 2024

TikTok tasks

TikTok tasks

Elevate your quests with our new TikTok integration. Connect your TikTok account and introduce tasks that verify user-generated content effortlessly. Ensure authenticity with automatic checks for user ownership, descriptive content, and view thresholds. Simplify video reviews directly within Zealy's interface. Start today by integrating TikTok tasks, and explore our documentation for detailed guidance.

TikTok editor

Other fixes & improvements

  • Ban straight from reviews
  • Select specific reviews by clicking holding alt
  • Storing user names when adding filters
  • Fix downloading the import template

Feb 16, 2024

Discover Insights Instantly

Discover Insights Instantly

Introducing the new Results Panel – a comprehensive summary of all quest responses at your fingertips. Instantly view the accuracy of responses, the distribution of votes in polls, and detailed insights into each task. Accessible directly from the quest editor, under the "Results" tab, it's never been easier to monitor the success rate and gather valuable feedback.

Inline edits

Experience the convenience of inline editing in the admin quest view. Make immediate adjustments by simply clicking on any quest property and typing. This feature streamlines the editing process, allowing for quicker updates and refinements. Learn more about seamless quest customization in our Quests documentation.

Inline edits

Other fixes & improvements

  • Allow updating billing email
  • Auto-reject claims when banning users
  • Align API task test to with call on claiming
  • Fix Discord members count not being up to date for some communities
  • Update analytics data more frequently
  • Twitter quest UX improvements: better label, storing interactions in cookies and clearer error messages
  • Redirect back to new settings when Discord bot connection fails
  • Fix members panel redirecting to old user profile

Feb 9, 2024

Supercharged Reviews & Inbox

Supercharged Reviews & Inbox

We're thrilled to announce a game-changing update to Zealy that will make reviewing submissions and managing your inbox a breeze. Our latest enhancements are designed to turbocharge your workflow and keep you in the loop like never before. Get ready to experience the future of efficient and effective review management!

Reviews Reinvented

Imagine diving into a completely transformed reviews page, optimized for both speed and efficiency, where every action feels faster and more intuitive. We've introduced keyboard shortcuts to shave seconds off every review, allowing you to breeze through submissions with the agility of a professional. The most critical information, the claim details, now takes center stage, ensuring you can assess and make decisions with unparalleled clarity and focus. Plus, our new sorting options empower you to quickly sift through reviews, spotlighting the ones that need your attention first. This comprehensive overhaul is all about making your review process as smooth and swift as possible.

Explore all the new shortcuts from the lightning icon on the review page or by checking out the dedicated documentation.

Inbox Notifications, Elevated

Get ready for a big new upgrade to our notification experience. Every time your submission is reviewed, you'll be instantly notified, keeping you up-to-date with the latest feedback and decisions. But it doesn't stop there; with just a click, you can delve into the specifics of your claim, examining the details of your submission and the review it received. And for those looking to maintain a tidy inbox, marking notifications as read has never been simpler. This enhanced inbox functionality is designed to keep you informed and organized, ensuring you're always on top of your game.

Inspect Inbox

Other fixes & improvements

  • Embedding YouTube and Loom links on Visit Link tasks
  • Showing the accept invite for higher role when already in community
  • Give editors access to CRM and analytics as well as banning users
  • Improved UX on Twitter tasks
  • Not being able to save a quest when changing a quiz to a poll
  • File upload of spreadsheets not working for xlsx
  • Opinion percentage digits not rounded in results summary
  • Reward zone not allowed to be empty despite marked as 'optional'

Jan 12, 2024

Webhooks & Zapier integration

Webhooks & Zapier integration

Take Your Integrations to the Next Level!

Are you looking for a way to receive real-time updates from Zealy and seamlessly integrate them into your existing workflows? Look no further! With Zealy Webhooks, you can now receive HTTP push notifications whenever data is created or updated, allowing you to build powerful integrations and automate tasks with ease.

Imagine triggering CI builds, performing calculations on quest data, or sending messages based on specific conditions - the possibilities are endless! Zealy Webhooks empowers you to take full control of your data and streamline your processes.

Getting started is a breeze! Simply visit our comprehensive documentation to learn more about how Zealy Webhooks work and how to set them up. We provide you with all the necessary information to configure your webhooks in just a few steps.

Now is the time to supercharge your Zealy experience. Seamlessly integrate with Zapier, automate custom rewards, announce new quests on Telegram, and so much more!

Yearly plans & trials

Now we support yearly plans with a 20% discount as well as trials to get full access to the product.

Other fixes & improvements

  • More granularity on cooldown periods, now all the way down to one minute!
  • .JPG not recognised as an image in reviews
  • Clearer label for when claim count will be reset

Dec 21, 2023

Leaderboard updates

Leaderboard updates

With the new enhanced interface you can always see your rank in both all-time and sprint leaderboards on the top of the page.

Inspect past sprints

Admins have enhanced access to historical data with a new feature.

  • Directly inspect past sprints without needing to export data.
  • Simply select the desired sprint from the history section on the right.


Other fixes & improvements

  • Fix social share image sometimes not loading for Youtube links
  • Having to refresh the page to access a quest when the cooldown is over is now fixed
  • Fixed unbanned users not added to leaderboard again

Nov 18, 2023

API tasks & partnership quests

API tasks & partnership quests

Community Managers, your experience just got a whole lot easier! You want to verify that the person claiming has registered on your newsletter, that they bought your product, or that they joined your subreddit? That's now possible with API tasks. All you need to do is to connect Zealy to a custom endpoint which validates that the action is complete. Or get started today using the ready-made partnership API, that validates that the user is member of a partnership community.

Say goodbye to manual validations and streamline your workflow! Dive into our updated API documentation for all the details.

Looking for a specific quest? Our new Quest Search feature is here to save the day! Quickly locate any quest with a simple search, making your management tasks more efficient.

Module covers

Enhance your quest board storytelling! Our latest update allows you to add captivating cover images to your modules. Choose from over 30 new cover designs and get creative!

All these amazing features are exclusively available on our newly designed Quest Board. Explore and enjoy the enhanced functionality!

Other fixes & improvements

  • Upgraded Web3Modal which adds a bunch of new wallets to connect with
  • Allow links for Telegram
  • Fix export of sprints that took place before a leaderboard reset
  • Add wallet information to leaderboard export
  • Add confirmation dialog when leaving a private community
  • Simplify numerical condition operators to only include < or >
  • Fix @everyone mention having 2 @
  • Recompute user's score when they are unbanned

Sep 21, 2023

Streamlined Billing & Enhanced Community Features

Streamlined Billing & Enhanced Community Features

We're excited to announce our latest suite of updates designed to enhance user experience both behind the scenes and on the frontlines of community interaction. Check out what's new:

Subscription & Billing Overhaul

We've redefined our subscription and billing management system to include usage-based pricing, giving you more flexibility and control over your spending. You can now easily track your usage and adjust your plans accordingly—no surprises, just transparency.

Discord Integration Enhancements

  • Permission Detection for Discord Bot: No more missed messages or roles due to permission issues. Our system now automatically detects if our Discord bot is missing necessary permissions, and notifies you with an alert and sidebar notification for a quick fix.

  • Discord Roles Alerts and Management: Navigate role management like a pro. Get alerts for unsent roles due to misconfigurations and easily resend all roles with one click once issues are resolved. It’s community management made simple.

    Discord settings

Instant and unlimited leaderboard exports

Stay up-to-the-minute with your community’s leaderboard. Exports are now real-time and the full compressed export sent by email is now without the previous 10k rows limitation.

leaderboard exports

Other fixes & improvements

  • Adding ban user endpoint to public API.
  • Notifications for manually awarded XP.

Aug 21, 2023

Enhanced Security and Community Transparency

Enhanced Security and Community Transparency

With the latest update, we're strengthening community trust and transparency while giving community managers more control and insight into their user base. Here's what's new:

Scam Detection Feature

In our continuous effort to protect our users, we've released a feature that identifies potential scam communities—such as those offering airdrops from new or suspicious social accounts. When flagged, a modal will alert users upon their first visit to a community, advising them to proceed with caution. We believe this will be a significant step towards a safer platform for all.

Public API - Fetch Invites Endpoint

Responding to popular demand, we've opened a new endpoint in our Public API. Admins can now retrieve data on whom a specific user has invited, paving the way for robust referral systems. This feature promises to add a new layer of engagement within communities by incentivizing referrals.

Find User by Email

Need to locate a user quickly? Our new 'Find by Email' endpoint will allow you to do just that, streamlining user management and supporting efficient administrative operations.

Other fixes & improvements

  • Resolved race conditions during sprint creation to prevent the occurrence of simultaneous sprints.
  • Fixed the export function for claimed quests specific to reviewers.
  • Addressed multiple security vulnerabilities, reinforcing our network's integrity based on insights from our panel of security experts.
  • Fix bug when deleting user when username is not set
  • Fix updating Twitter followers count on communities

Jul 21, 2023

New product documentation

New product documentation

Knowledge is power, and our new documentation hub is set to empower both new and seasoned users alike. Updated in sync with product changes for accuracy, our docs not only reflect our branding but also allow us to monitor search queries and usefulness, enhancing support. Starting with our quest board documentation, this resource will grow to encompass all aspects of our platform.

Negative XP

Introducing Negative XP Quests

Take control of your community’s experience with the ability to assign negative XP for quests. This new feature allows you to create a sort of shop where users can buy perks with their XP.


Advanced User Validation

  • ReCaptcha Enterprise: Elevate your community's security with our implementation of ReCaptcha Enterprise, deterring bots and safeguarding against fraudulent activities.
  • Email Validation: Say goodbye to disposable emails or aliases during registration. Our enhanced email validation ensures that every user is using an unique email, fostering a more trustworthy community environment.

Other fixes & improvements

  • Users can't connect even though they are deleted
  • Renaming quests not reflected in analytics

Jul 21, 2023

AI response summary

AI response summary

Some of you have mentioned the difficulty of getting an overview of feedback as your community grows. We've heard you and are excited to introduce our new AI response summary feature! Get actionable insights from your community members within seconds.

Available to premium communities!

Configure invites condition

We've listened to your feedback and made a wave of upgrades to our invite system. Say goodbye to the one-quest limit. With our new system, you get to define the XP needed for an invite to count, giving you more control and ensuring quality over quantity.

Ever wondered about the status of your invites or wanted to see the users someone has invited? Now, you can inspect all invites directly from a user's profile, and easily distinguish between those that have been counted, not counted, or even consumed.

And here's the best part - our new system is fully compatible with recurring quests! Now, claiming will consume the invite, paving the way for seamless recurring quests. Dive into the world of our improved invites system and experience quality, clarity, and control like never before.

Available to everyone from community settings!

Invite preview

Improved sidebars

We've upgraded the community bar to make it easy to find and reorder your communities. You can now search for a community, and drag and drop to reorder them. You can now access community information from the sidebar on any page as well.

Other fixes & improvements

  • Fixing NFT reward status when they are all claimed
  • Fix bug when deleting user when user name is not set
  • Fix updating Twitter followers count on communities

Jun 30, 2023

Fake account takedown

Fake account takedown

We're taking customization and security to a whole new level. Introducing Zealy's upgraded settings page, all settings in one place.

With this we’re also stepping up our game in safeguarding your community with an improved bot protection system. With every account securely stored and monitored, we ensure no duplicate usage. And to keep you informed, we're rolling out more advanced and clear error messages that makes it possible to debug on your own.

Your community is the heartbeat of our success. And to honor your contribution, we're thrilled to launch a brand-new referral system exclusively for communities. From now on, every community you bring onboard will be credited to your community, etching your mark on Zealy's expanding universe.

And it gets better - this new feature is linked to a dynamic reward system! Every referral not only adds to your community's influence but also brings exciting rewards. It's our way of saying thank you for helping us grow.

Referral Links

Other fixes & improvements

  • Fix issue where two sprints could be active at the same time
  • Fix email validation giving error for emails with subdomains
  • Fix redirection issue to old landing pages

Jun 16, 2023

NFT Rewards

NFT Rewards

Imagine rewarding your contributors with unique tokens they can proudly display. Zealy Quests allows you to say thanks in a one-of-a-kind way - by granting them NFT rewards for completing challenges. These aren't just fun tokens; they're a powerful way to build reputation and unlock benefits both within and beyond Zealy. And the best part? These badges are free for your contributors to claim and affordable for your community since they are on Polygon.

Step up your game and start rewarding your loyal contributors today. In just a few clicks you can set up the NFT rewards on your quests. Exclusively available for our premium communities.

Other fixes & improvements

  • Fix Twitter space URL validation on quest creation

Jun 9, 2023

NFT Conditions

NFT Conditions

Ever wanted to create exclusive challenges for your unique digital token holders? With Zealy's NFT Conditions, you can do just that! Now, you have the power to link any amount of your NFT contract and limit quest access exclusively to your token holders.

Think of the possibilities! From allowing token holders to vote on poll, to offering rewards based on holding, or even sending merch to loyal supporters - it's all up to you. This is your chance to open a world of unique experiences for your community. Begin your journey with Zealy's NFT Conditions today!

Exclusively available to all premium communities.

Export leaderboard

Say goodbye to restrictions and hello to limitless insights! With Zealy's updated feature, you can now export the full leaderboard with ease and have it conveniently delivered straight to your inbox when it's ready. Dive deep into the performance of your community, analyze trends, and strategize better.

But wait, there's more! We've taken your experience a notch higher. Now, you can also view the rewards of past sprints right on your exports panel.

Export leaderboard

Other fixes & improvements

  • Fix error on emails with subdomains
  • Fix error message when using the wrong fileformat on create community

Jun 2, 2023

Daily discord summary

Daily discord summary

Get notified on Discord about your community's activity, without getting flooded by notifications. With our new daily summary, you can know how many quests were completed that day in each category.

This feature is replacing the previous 'Completed Quest' automation. We're also disabling the 'level up' automation, as it was not used by many communities and these two features were causing issues with Discord's rate limits. To replace any existing 'level up' condition, we suggest using a role reward on a quest that has the level condition set.

Top referrer

Learn where most of your members are coming from with the new top referrer chart. You can find it in the 'Analytics' section of your community. This is handy to know which acquisition channels to double down on, or discontinue.

Referral URL

Other fixes & improvements

  • Order 'My Communities' by favorited first
  • Disconnect Twitter account from a community
  • Updated cookie information to comply with GDPR

May 27, 2023

Verifying community accounts

Verifying community accounts

In order to increase the trustworthiness of communities, we're introducing a new verification system. Now all Discord and Twitter accounts have to be verified by the owner to be shown on the community page. This has the additional benefit of the followers being updated over time.

New create community flow

We just released a new create community flow. It's now easier than ever to create a community. We've also added a brand new feature that lets you invite your team members by email.

Other fixes & improvements

  • Fix issue with Leaderboard reset not being reflected in the notifications
  • Fix edge case where rejecting a claim and then cancelling it might cause double claims
  • Fix delay in leaderboard update

Apr 28, 2023

Email authentication

Email authentication

You can now sign up for Zealy with just your email address! That's right - we've made it even easier to create your account and start exploring all the amazing communities on our platform.

In the past, you could only sign up using your wallet or Discord account, but we know that not everyone wants to use those platforms. That's why we've listened to your feedback and added email sign-up as an option.

Bonus XP

We've heard your requests loud and clear and we're excited to share our latest update with you. Our team has been hard at work brainstorming the best way to separate the top performers on our leaderboard and we think we've found a better solution than simply decreasing XP for quests.

We understand that quality is key, and we didn't want to reward speed over excellence. So, we put our heads together and came up with an innovative new feature - Bonus XP!

Bonus XP

When you star a submission, a new input will appear for bonus XP. This way, we can reward those who go the extra mile and produce top-quality work. We believe this will be a great source of motivation for our contributors, and we can't wait to see the results.

We know that everyone has different strengths and styles, so we've decided to move away from the old system of ranking based on the order of claims. Instead, we're focusing on other factors that can help us identify the top performers. For example, we've noticed some communities where stars and flags are heavily used, so we've incorporated those into our new approach.

We're committed to creating the best possible experience for our users, and we hope that this new feature will do just that. Thanks for being a part of our community, and we look forward to seeing you climb to the top of the leaderboard with Bonus XP!

Other fixes & improvements

  • Update keyboard shortcut for moving between reviews to shift + arrow keys
  • Remove unsaved changes warning after updating community image
  • Fix issue with canceling a failed claim deducting XP

Apr 21, 2023

Country and community reports

Country and community reports

We know you love understanding your members in more detail, and that it's also important to see the bigger picture. That's why we've added country and community reports to our analytics dashboard.

You can now see how many users are from each country, and which other communities your members are part of. You might use this to propose partnerships with other communities, or decide where to host your next event.

This new feature is available to growth plan communities and above.

Custom API keys

Our API has grown more and more popular. Just last month we had 16M requests to our API and the number of projects building upon it are increasing. To ensure safety and security of our users when using third-party apps, we have decided to introduce custom API keys.

Now you can generate multiple API keys for your projects, each with a different set of permissions. You can view all your active API keys, generate new and revoke existing ones in your community settings under the API key tab.

Other fixes & improvements

  • Fix issue with search on landing
  • Enforce once recurrence on Twitter quests in editor
  • Fix issue with new landing on Opera and Kiwi browsers
  • Improve performance on new landing page
  • Fix URL verification failing when including a '@'
  • Fix number of quests not resetting with the rest of the leaderboard
  • Give XP by discordId through the API

Apr 6, 2023

Crew3 is now Zealy

Crew3 is now Zealy

We’re now home to over 2.5k active community-led companies and we’re making sure we’re in the right shape to support the millions who’ll follow in their footsteps.

With this name change, we're also rebranding our product to better reflect our vision for the future.

Where did the name Zealy come from?

A lot of work, and a lot of help from AI. Zeal means great energy or enthusiasm in pursuit of a cause or an objective.

We are building for the passionate ones out there. Our mission is to make the community a joyful, meaningful and rewarding experience for everyone.


On a technical note

All links will continue to work and redirect to the new landing page, until everyone has had a chance to update them.

You can access all our brand assets in our media kit.

Configure your cookies

Now you can configure which cookies to allow from the preferences page.

Other fixes & improvements

  • Update error message when a wallet is linked to another account to make it clearer
  • Fix issue with the /give-xp command
  • Fix issue where cancelling a claim did not update leaderboard