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For Learners & Coders

  • Kickstart your career in coding with confidence
  • An easy way to manage your coding portfolio
  • Practice coding questions on Zealy

For Educators

  • Allow your students to build their portfolio while doing homework and assignments
  • Save time on assessment marking by performing it on Zealy

For Companies

  • Gain deep insights to potential hires and understand their interests.
  • Save time on coding assessments by doing the tests on Zealy

Welcome to the future

Manage your portfolio

As a coder, maintaining your online portfolio is very important. You want to show off your skills and be more visible to employers.

Unfortunately this becomes hard as the number of services increases. Zealy helps you manage your portfolio in a seamless manner. Simply update the URL's of your public profiles once and Zealy does the rest.

Beyond Algorithms

Many coding interviews focus on assessing problem solving skills and algorithmic thinking. Computational thinking is an important asset of a coder. However, there are other important indications of great coders, such as writing tests, documentation, code reviews, understanding design patterns and social skills.

We believe that all of these qualities shape an ideal tech candidate. This is why our platform aggregates all of this information from your daily activities and presents it in an organised easy to access format to provide companies with a unified overview of your strongest points.

Hangout with hackers

Zealy is a community at its heart. We bring together hackers, coders and enthusiasts to connect and learn from each other. We believe in knowledge sharing and openness.

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