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Sep 21, 2023

Streamlined Billing & Enhanced Community Features

Streamlined Billing & Enhanced Community Features

We're excited to announce our latest suite of updates designed to enhance user experience both behind the scenes and on the frontlines of community interaction. Check out what's new:

Subscription & Billing Overhaul

We've redefined our subscription and billing management system to include usage-based pricing, giving you more flexibility and control over your spending. You can now easily track your usage and adjust your plans accordingly—no surprises, just transparency.

Discord Integration Enhancements

  • Permission Detection for Discord Bot: No more missed messages or roles due to permission issues. Our system now automatically detects if our Discord bot is missing necessary permissions, and notifies you with an alert and sidebar notification for a quick fix.

  • Discord Roles Alerts and Management: Navigate role management like a pro. Get alerts for unsent roles due to misconfigurations and easily resend all roles with one click once issues are resolved. It’s community management made simple.

    Discord settings

Instant and unlimited leaderboard exports

Stay up-to-the-minute with your community’s leaderboard. Exports are now real-time and the full compressed export sent by email is now without the previous 10k rows limitation.

leaderboard exports

Other fixes & improvements

  • Adding ban user endpoint to public API.
  • Notifications for manually awarded XP.