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Jul 21, 2023

New product documentation

New product documentation

Knowledge is power, and our new documentation hub is set to empower both new and seasoned users alike. Updated in sync with product changes for accuracy, our docs not only reflect our branding but also allow us to monitor search queries and usefulness, enhancing support. Starting with our quest board documentation, this resource will grow to encompass all aspects of our platform.

Negative XP

Introducing Negative XP Quests

Take control of your communityโ€™s experience with the ability to assign negative XP for quests. This new feature allows you to create a sort of shop where users can buy perks with their XP.


Advanced User Validation

  • ReCaptcha Enterprise: Elevate your community's security with our implementation of ReCaptcha Enterprise, deterring bots and safeguarding against fraudulent activities.
  • Email Validation: Say goodbye to disposable emails or aliases during registration. Our enhanced email validation ensures that every user is using an unique email, fostering a more trustworthy community environment.

Other fixes & improvements

  • Users can't connect even though they are deleted
  • Renaming quests not reflected in analytics