What's new

New updates and improvements to Zealy

Zealy Full-Screen Mode

Zealy Full-Screen Mode

Try out our new full-screen view by switching in the top right corner. Now, see all the quests in a module at once.

Efficient Module Filters

Use our new filters at the top of the page to quickly access a specific module.

Stunning New Themes

We've spiced up the default look for all communities. If you haven't personalized yours yet, check out the new sleek design.

Speedy Navigation

Jump between quests with ease. Our new keyboard shortcuts save you time and effort.

  1. Filter quests by 'open'.
  2. Glide through quests and modules with the arrow keys.
  3. Claim quest with CMD+enter.

Other fixes & improvements

  • Updated the API documentation and added new endpoints
  • Displaying number of views necessary to claim a TikTok quest