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Raffle & FCFS reward methods

Raffle & FCFS reward methods

Ever felt like rewarding your community was a bit too...predictable? Well, we've got some exciting news that's bound to shake things up! Introducing our game-changing reward methods: First Come, First Served (FCFS) and Raffle.

With FCFS, create a buzz of anticipation as members race to claim their rewards, fostering a lively and competitive spirit. And for those who love a bit of mystery, our Raffle option adds an element of surprise, making every reward feel like a special event.

To get started, replace the replace the default 'all' reward method on your quest reward with either FCFS or Raffle. Select how many rewards you want to give out, and let the games begin! Once the raffle is decided, winners will be notified in their inbox and admins can inspect from the quest's result panel.

Reward methods

Certified only

Only certified communities now appear on Zealy's homepage and in the search โœ…

As always: DYOR! We do our best to identify scams, but we are not a KYC company. ๐Ÿ‘€

We're not liable for losses due to your contributions. โŒ

To get certified, upgrade your plan. Our team will certify your community within 5 days.

Enforced email connection

Keeping our communities safe is a top priority at Zealy. We're ramping up on how we do that with a meaningful update that will have a positive impact on the overall security of our platform.

Starting today, we kindly request all users to link their email addresses to their Zealy accounts.

๐Ÿ“จ All existing users will be notified to connect their e-mail, if they haven't yet.

This initiative will help us prevent fraudulent incidences, such as multiple account creation and cheating. Let's ensure that Zealy is safe together. โœจ

Other fixes & improvements

  • Automatically flagging suspicious activity and temporarily restricting claiming quests
  • Instantly updates the questboard for user when reviewing via the API
  • Fixes missing reviewer ID in export CSV
  • Fixes duplicate entries in export if user has multiple emails connected
  • Prevents 0 XP claims from affecting leaderboard