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Apr 21, 2023

Country and community reports

Country and community reports

We know you love understanding your members in more detail, and that it's also important to see the bigger picture. That's why we've added country and community reports to our analytics dashboard.

You can now see how many users are from each country, and which other communities your members are part of. You might use this to propose partnerships with other communities, or decide where to host your next event.

This new feature is available to growth plan communities and above.

Custom API keys

Our API has grown more and more popular. Just last month we had 16M requests to our API and the number of projects building upon it are increasing. To ensure safety and security of our users when using third-party apps, we have decided to introduce custom API keys.

Now you can generate multiple API keys for your projects, each with a different set of permissions. You can view all your active API keys, generate new and revoke existing ones in your community settings under the API key tab.

Other fixes & improvements

  • Fix issue with search on landing
  • Enforce once recurrence on Twitter quests in editor
  • Fix issue with new landing on Opera and Kiwi browsers
  • Improve performance on new landing page
  • Fix URL verification failing when including a '@'
  • Fix number of quests not resetting with the rest of the leaderboard
  • Give XP by discordId through the API