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Aug 21, 2023

Enhanced Security and Community Transparency

Enhanced Security and Community Transparency

With the latest update, we're strengthening community trust and transparency while giving community managers more control and insight into their user base. Here's what's new:

Scam Detection Feature

In our continuous effort to protect our users, we've released a feature that identifies potential scam communities—such as those offering airdrops from new or suspicious social accounts. When flagged, a modal will alert users upon their first visit to a community, advising them to proceed with caution. We believe this will be a significant step towards a safer platform for all.

Public API - Fetch Invites Endpoint

Responding to popular demand, we've opened a new endpoint in our Public API. Admins can now retrieve data on whom a specific user has invited, paving the way for robust referral systems. This feature promises to add a new layer of engagement within communities by incentivizing referrals.

Find User by Email

Need to locate a user quickly? Our new 'Find by Email' endpoint will allow you to do just that, streamlining user management and supporting efficient administrative operations.

Other fixes & improvements

  • Resolved race conditions during sprint creation to prevent the occurrence of simultaneous sprints.
  • Fixed the export function for claimed quests specific to reviewers.
  • Addressed multiple security vulnerabilities, reinforcing our network's integrity based on insights from our panel of security experts.
  • Fix bug when deleting user when username is not set
  • Fix updating Twitter followers count on communities