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Practice more coding

Like every other skill out there, coding requires lots of practice to master. Sometimes the problem is that you run out of ideas on things to do or don't know where to find more problems to solve. To address this, we provide a set of problems on Zealy which you can solve to compete with others, increase your score, and sharpen your skills.

Portfolio as you go

Zealy's core feature is to allow you to keep track of your coding efforts as you go. Whether you are a seasoned coder or just getting started, you will benefit from aggregating your activity on other sites such as github, stackoverflow and codepen while displaying a visible profile about yourself.

Collaborate and compete

You can see what other hackers are up to and maybe see if you can lend them a helping hand. You can participate in coding contests and compete with other developers too. The choice is yours. Zealy allows you to control your own coding path.

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