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Gain deep insights to potential hires and understand their interests. Zealy syncs and aggregates activities about coders into a single profile page. You will immediately gain an understanding about a coder's side projects and hobbies upon visiting his or her profile.

Save time on engineering tests

Your engineers probably have alot on their plate already. Rather than waste their time on interviewing potential candidates, let us take care of that for you. You could either hire existing candidates by inviting them to take a test on our platform or use the platform to attract this talent. Our upcoming contests feature will allow you to have applicants "compete" for the role in an engaging manner.

Reduce bias (objective feedback)

You want to ensure a fair hiring process and we couldn’t agree more; however ensuring a fair hiring process is a difficult task. This is why we streamline the testing process for you so you can enjoy peace of mind and hire with confidence.

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