CovHack Hackathon

Hacking To The Future

April 4, 2019

Nippy winter breezes, occasional flurries of snow, the warm buzz of the New Years aftermath, a new season was upon us. Enter the New Year kick-off to the Major League Hacking (MLH) season. With MLH carrying out hackathons for over 75,000 students from across 16 countries, the statistics show how much of a hit the […]

Teaching My Co-founder to Code – Part 3

January 10, 2019

This is the third part of the teaching series. Feel free to read part 1and part 2. “Write a program to find the sum of all the even numbers in a list“ After two weeks of daily coding lessons, Irfan has made significant progress. He has typed in 35 exercises from the book of LPTHW. This means that […]

Teaching My Co-founder to Code – Part 2

August 25, 2018

** This article is part two of this series. read part 1 here Mohamed:“Irfan, are you writing code again? We’re supposed to be working on our pitchdeck slides!” Irfan: “Sorry, I had to make calculator program work” I never imagined that I’d say this to Irfan during my lifetime. Not even in a million years. Today Irfan […]

Teaching My Co-founder to Code – Part 1

August 16, 2018

My co-founder Irfan, 38, graduated in 2001 with a degree in Computer Science (CS) from the UK. He struggled to find a job in CS for a period of 6 months after graduating. He ended up taking a job in sales after drawing a blank in this industry. A stat that has been circulated recently is […]