A ZEALOUS Rebranding

By zealy, January 15, 2019

How did we get here? Back in 2018, our CTO Mohamed Habib and director Irfan Khoda realised the disproportionate gap between the expected skills of CS graduates versus the actual coding experience students managed to gain during university. Enter Automark, our initial company launch, which was our previous platform that focused on automating the learning process for CS students. The main focus was to seamlessly streamline the automation of correcting students coding work to ease the hassle for university lecturers along with our inbuilt CS module planning tools.

Our pitch last year at the AWS Edstart day in London

Over time, the team also came to the realisation that coder’s portfolio is another obstacle for CS students to secure a job. How can students develop their portfolio when they are preoccupied with university assignments?  There are platforms where coders can accumulate their reputation with their portfolio but they remain dispersed. Enter Zealy, the rebirth of our automated marking platform, where students can now build their portfolio as part of their university module coursework. Now at Zealy, you can smoothly aggregate and maintain your portfolios from across different services to develop your hard-earned portfolio.

However, our core objective has never wavered. It has and always will remain to be our mission to bridge the skills gap of CS students trying to get into the coding industry within six months of graduating. We believe this is achieved by encouraging students to take control of their learning by instilling a sense of independence when they sit behind their laptop screen and open up our platform to begin coding – all with instant feedback.

At the same time, the automation process will provide students with the practical experience they require for real-life programming jobs whilst simultaneously allowing lecturers to focus on what is most important: their students. At Zealy, we believe in EdTech assisting lecturers and teachers so they can focus on the essential human aspects of teaching rather than replacing them.

Trialing the platform at various universities and hosting external contests

Helping our society to shorten the bridge between the skill gaps will always be a value close to our heart at Zealy. But we are an ambitious lot where we are keen to optimise Zealy to help employers with candidate screening. Through Zealy, companies will be able to gain meaningful and deep insights to potential employees. At the same time, Zealy’s automation process will cut company time spent on executing coding assessments for a seamless recruitment experience.

Ultimately, Zealy is a community at heart so we persistently aim to unify the community of hackers, coders and enthusiast to connect and learn from each other. Expect to see the Zealy team in a lot of upcoming hackathons and other tech events (drop by and say hi if you recognise us!) since we are relentless in our pursuit of a close-knit community.

We cannot wait to grow with you!

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